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The FUN investment!
TrueSports Network specializes in the construction of professional tennis courts, basketball courts and multi-sport game courts, as well as synthetic short game golf greens, putting greens and tee areas. We build facilities that fall into the "fun" category of investments that you will make in your home or business. 

We want you to enjoy the experience as much as possible. Our goal is to be the most professional construction-related company you have ever hired. Yet interruption of your daily routines by a contractor can be stressful, no matter how happy you are to make the investment in a fun amenity. We respect that fact, and ask you to provide us with whatever information you can to help us minimize the intrusion.

Scheduling of the work 
TrueSports sells and installs projects year round. Because most of our work is outdoors and subject to the weather, scheduling can be a challenge. 

We ask that you provide us with whatever scheduling concerns you have, such as a planned vacation, or an event that requires completion of construction (such as a family reunion). We will do our best to meet a deadline, and if we don't believe we will be able to complete our work on time, we will postpone commencement of the project until sufficient time is available. We will always communicate with you as to where we are and why. 

Related construction items
While our primary business is the construction of custom game courts and synthetic putting greens, many of our clients prefer to have us handle any number of related construction components -- including landscape design and installation, irrigation, lighting and other electrical improvements, tree removal, site work, retaining walls, etc. 

Because we build all over the country, we have established relationships with specialized local contractors to perform such related construction jobs. We charge a modest premium above the actual charges of the related work to cover the costs of coordinating and managing the job for you. 

We are just as happy to refer contractors in our network to you. You may work directly with them and eliminate our management fee. Our goal is to provide exactly what you want in terms of customer service and quality product at a fair price.





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